by Nephilim Terror

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released February 6, 2015



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Nephilim Terror Houston, Texas

Nephilim Terror is a metal act, with members based in Houston and Dallas, Texas. Blending elements of progressive, melodic thrash and black metal, the band is sure to please a wide variety of listeners. Nephilim Terror's first release, Saturnus, will be released soon. ... more

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Track Name: Tiamat: The Great Serpent
There came a clamor among the sea of twinkling brine
The hour approaches for a parallel reiteration
And as I soared, the infinity birthed a hideous leviathan
Enigmatic orb, eclipsing harbinger of Marduk's arrival

O, Destroyer! Come and let them all be slain
As Tiamat roars
Infiltrate Earth, cast the ancients through the gate
Tiamat - enraged

Awakening beneath the cavernous pits of the Earth
An ancient horde unearthing iniquitous offspring
Just as I fall unto the sphere of azure below me
My vessel astray, observer of this imminent collision

This cosmic tract will provide as proper scenery
For this monumental conflict to unfold
Hark and remembers as time first stood still and had no name
A divine conflict meant to seal eternal fate
Tremendous creatures beckoned forth by ancient strength
At last, primordial foes will step forth and engage

The great serpent, the enormous wyrm
Track Name: Saturnus
Shrouded in cryptic dissimulation,
A meticulously guarded enigma
Irradiates from the sixth planet
In the order of the spheres
An obsidian stone coaxes the populace
To engage in a darkened ritual

Concealed among the frequent vices
Littered throughout the citadels of man,
Lies an undeciphered codex,
Hexadic in structure

Augmented tangibility
Assemble the rood of the holy redeemer

Instantly propelled into a cosmic storm
Bore from atmospheric winds
Multiversal entities become enthralled
In unrighteousness

Stellar gateways unfasten
Denying what was once conceived as actuality
Written in scripts and etched in stone
A prophecy has been confirmed

This lowly world will see its end
Our holy souls pursue this trend
This howling polygon of impious origin
Convection entwined with vile perfection
Saturnus emerges from the aeriform
Track Name: Gamera Awaits
Trapped in a glacial cocoon,
A heinous beast awaits
An ancient monstrosity
Suspended in frozen slumber
Liberated by flames of stellar hell fire

A foolish race knows not what they have done
This archaic impedance is slow approaching

Forged in the tides of Atlantis
An allegiance with the Gods,
In alliance with the sea
As coarse sand flows through the rotten current,
A symmetrical threat is beheld
Lo - Guardian of the universe,
Tend to your ethereal garden

For Gyros looms in the distance -
Take your colossal stance
And justify your existence as our protector


Our monster takes flight
A sight to behold
Track Name: Bereft of Illumination
An unfamiliar recollection begins to frequent me
Of a life that I cannot recall
I'm lumbering in the darkness, I'm clawing at the soil
Twisting wildly as I make my ascent from the loam

Contorting, retching
Adapt to this form that's undoubtedly not my own
Bereft of illumination
A dark empire shall rise in this absence of light

Torn from the sky upon this hollow sphere of dirt
Exiled from the luminescent throne
Undaunted, I engage in mutilation of the blinded congregation
Of the Lamb, which bears the gilded cross
That I have sworn to destroy

I traverse the halls of the damned
In temples of flesh and towers made from bone
Beneath a blackened sky, I begin to build my throne
Succeeding this sacrilegious devourment of the earth
Track Name: Karmic Decimation
The skies go black
A shadow is cast upon the earth
As the darkness gives birth to a cosmic entity

Beings from a realm unknown
Reign from above to annihilate
Creations of an ancient race
Built to decimate
They have sealed our fate

From this day on, the world will suffer endlessly
The human race is now a distant memory

Machines from another galaxy
Bring the end of the populace
Souring the earth for signs of life
None will be spared
For mankind's time has come

None will be spared
They've sealed our fate

All traces of our kind, forgotten
A karmic decimation of the human race
Plunge the earth into utter oblivion
Erase the world of all existence

The automatons leave quick as they came
In search of life amongst distant galaxies
They will not stop